Why Above & Beyond

What makes me different from the rest? 

I am experienced in the Kansas City area. I am a well-respected, award winning wedding planner. I did NOT start my business simply because I got married and liked the planning process. Wedding planning is not a hobby for me, rather a career. As well, Above & Beyond Weddings is not something I do “on the side” I work my business full time.

I know it may be hard to wrap your head around a fee for a service that is not tangible (such as invitations, flowers, cake, photos…etc) but, as your planner I will absolutely spend more time with you than any other vendor. I would ask that you look beyond the fee to what invaluable services I am able to provide you. Along with the services, I also bring to the table strong vendor relationships, impeccable attention to detail, design knowledge, not to mention, the overall peace of mind.